Charity Scheme

“Kam Wah x BoBo, Travel without Hindrance”
Charity Scheme

As public transports cannot fully meet the practical demands of barrier-free riding services, and
the cost of which are typically more expensive than other types of transportation.
Therefore, BoBo and Kam Wah Ching Sher are delighted to launch the "Kam Wah x BoBo, Travel without Hindrance" charity scheme to
subsidise people with mobility difficulties and financial needs to travel through BoBo so that they can realise equal mobility freedom.


Diverse social cohesion

The professional team unites the resources from the relevant industries, legal vehicle supplies and compliant fleet drivers to help those in need with any mobility difficulties (the elderly & disabled) to realise equal mobility freedom, barrier-free travels and create a true social inclusion.


Together, we build peace of mind

BoBo Not only can travel settings be customized, but passengers can also share real-time location and itinerary information with relatives and friends to ensure travel safety for the elderly with disabilities.


Smart City

BoBo is committed to establishing the Internet of Vehicles, high communication efficiency among ''people, vehicles, roads'', analysing real-time traffic information with synergies to improve road safety. Making travel easier and more convenient in our daily lives.



In addition to Smart Mobility, BoBo also considers the needs of people with any mobility difficulties (the elderly & disabled) in society to better support them physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. While providing relevant training courses to drivers, hosting different community activities to enable social inclusion, BoBo continues to explore wider and greater possibilities.

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