Charity Scheme

“Kam Wah x BoBo, Travel without Hindrance”
Charity Scheme

BoBo Barrier Free BoBo Barrier Free

Charity Scheme Background:
As public transports cannot fully meet the practical demands of barrier-free riding services,
and the cost of which are typically more expensive than other types of transportation.
Therefore, BoBo and Kam Wah Ching Sher are delighted to launch the "Kam Wah x BoBo, Travel without Hindrance" charity scheme to
subsidise people with mobility difficulties and financial needs to travel through BoBo so that they can realise equal mobility freedom.

Eligible Persons:
1) Elderly persons aged 65 or above who receive Comprehensive Social Security Assistance
2) Physically challenged who have Registration Card for People with Disabilities
3) Patients with chronic illness who have a follow-up certificate within the past three months
(Social worker referrals are recommended)
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